A question of character

Preparing a package with a selection of Cannonau, Sussinku, Vermentino or Moscato has become a pleasant chore for Tonino. Whether it’s to be sent to Jens in Denmark, Matteo in Milano, Dawn in NYC it doesn’t matter: the bottles are packed with loving care for the journey, at times quite long, towards those who await with impatience to uncork them.

At the beginning Tonino didn’t quite understand why the Cellar needed an electronic store but he quickly realized that it was a good idea. When Tonino read the names of the people who were ordering the wine he realized these were the same people who had come during the summer for the various wine tastings and this brought to mind the pleasant moments spent together under the Nuraghe Crabioni portico.

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“ For when we quaff the gen’rous bowl,
Then sleep the sorrows of our soul.
   Let us drink the juice divine,
The gift of Bacchus, god of wine.
When I take wine, my cares go to rest.”

Anacreon ( circa 570B.C.-485B.C. )