A unique experience!

The Cellar brings together the typical resources of the territory, both human and natural, the traditional methods of production with the use of modern technology in the processing, conservation and the bottling of the wine. Tonino is proud of this and also of the fact that from an environmental standpoint Nuraghe Crabioni is forefront in the usage of renewable energy sources and to meet the needs of the Cantina solar panels of the latest generation are used.

It can seem odd that a person who cultivates the land could just as passionately and intensely love the sea. For Tonino this is natural because here sea and land meet and complement each other. One cannot exist without the other like two lovers who cannot bear to be apart.

The effect of this love can be seen in Maritza’s vineyard where the saltiness lands on the bunches of Cannonau grapes, a situation more unique than rare.

When Tonino sees the dark grapes covered by the white salty patina, he cannot help himself he has to pick a grape and put it in his mouth to enjoy its particular taste.

Tonino often thinks that in the Nuraghe Crabioni bottles there isn’t simply a wine but a happy union of land and sea.

To walk between the rows of the vineyards is an experience of the soul. Tonino loves taking long walks immersed in the total silence of nature, walking the 35 hectares of the estate. He says he hears the plants breathe, the land move. From week to week the colors and aromas of the territory change and only an insensitive soul would be impassible to this experience.

The cellar is the pulsating heart of a grape-growing-wine enterprise where the transformation of the grapes into wine is one that entails a balance of technique and passion. This small jewel, set among the Nuraghe Crabioni vines, is equipped with the latest technologies of wine-making and this first class equipment enables a productive capacity of 1300 hectoliters. The refrigeration system is connected to the steel containers through a computer that manages the temperatures during the various phases of the fermentation of the musts and the conservation of the wine before the bottling. The requirements to reduce the costs of production and the impact on the environment as much as possible have led the firm to use mainly a photovoltaic system that guarantees self-sufficiency. A roof, naturally aired, and the walls of the structure that are non-conductive allow an ideal, constant temperature of the cellar even in summertime. The structure further contains a tasting room which daily attracts tourists and “wine lovers” that enjoy sampling the Nuraghe Crabioni wines while also enjoying the charming scenery of the Gulf of Asinara.

All under the Sardinian sky

The Cantina is alive even off season because Mother Nature always runs its course not only during the grape harvest or when visitors come for the wine tasting. Tonino lives every instant that passes with the same enthusiasm as when he began.

Tonino often wonders about those who lived in these lands thousands of years ago. That there were people living here and generally in all of Sardinia is testified by the presence of the nuraghe. These prehistoric constructions built of blocks of stone held together without any mortar had mainly a military and defensive function.

When Tonino as a child played in these fields he often imagined being a warrior of the past on the lookout for any enemies appearing on the horizon of the sea in the gulf of Asinara. When Augusto decided to name the Cantina, Nuraghe Crabioni in honor of the nuraghe present on the estate Tonino was in absolute agreement. And happy.

Nuraghe Crabioni produces and sells great quality wines, all of which have a seal that guarantees their controlled status; the best of the Sardinian lands in all of Italy and in the rest of the world.

“When drinking men improve; they do good business, win causes, are happy and support their friends”.

Aristofane (450 b.c.-388 a.d.)