A matter of character

During the summer at the “Cantina” , in the late afternoon, there is wine- tasting and appetizers are served.

The day that is coming to its end, the surrounding scenery and the colors of the sunset are ideal companions to a good glass of wine.

During one of these moments, in a day in June, a guest of the “Cantina”, a corporate adviser asked Tonino what is Nuraghe Crabioni ‘s mission statement.

The cellar man answered serenely without much ado: I am not familiar with these statements but I know that we produce wine with love and dedication so that all those who drink it feel the taste of our land, of our passion and the care we have towards our vineyards, our wine cellar, and our wines.

Among the vineyards of this proud Sardinian, a staff of enologists and farmers work briskly and are able to seize only the best from their land; full-bodied, gentle red wines, fragrant white wines , truly genuine.



Women’s work in the vineyard

The vineyards of the Nuraghe Crabioni cantina are overseen and worked by a team of women, from pruning to harvest. In the world of wine-making this is not a novelty, but at Sorso and Romangia it is even less so, Often when one speaks of wine dressers one automatically thinks of a male figure probably because the work in a vineyard is hard and doesn’t seem suited to women.

In Romangia this is a tradition that goes back a long way, from the beginning of the 20th century: the women that lived in Sorso, whether wives or daughters have always breathed, talked and listened about wine, grape harvests and pruning. Everyone works in the vineyards and everyone , men and women, contribute to the needs of the family.

It is a tradition that continues and we are proud to be part of it. For several years now we have had with us a group of women collaborators that form a close-knit and winning team. The knowledge and the cultivation operations that are carried out on the plants in the vineyards are handed down from mother to daughter: the manual ability, the precision and speed of the intervention are elements that qualify the female workers in the firm Nuraghe Crabioni. The final objective is the production of a unique wine identified with a territory , Romangia , that in our opinion has no equals.



The women that work in the vineyards are more precise, careful, particular and their hands slimmer which makes them suited to the work that plants need. Many women have also become more comfortable with driving tractors that up to recently were driven only by men.




We agree with those who say that wine is made in the vineyard, and that is why we place those who work there in pole position: our women are an important resource and they help us in the continuous search for quality and typicality these being an added value for a market that is becoming more discerning and exacting.

“Give me a bowl of wine,

In this I bury all unkindness.”

William Shakespeare (1564-1623)