The Cellar


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A unique experience!

The Cellar combines the typical natural, human and natural resources of the millennial production with modern processing, preservation and bottling technology. Sergio is proud of all this and is proud that even from the environmental point of view Nuraghe Crabioni is at the forefront and the energy needs are guaranteed by a last-generation photovoltaic plant.

That environment that Sergio loves deserves to be protected and preserved. Now and in the future.

Young but determined to grow that combines ancient knowledge of local peasant farmers with the most modern vinification technologies used by the cellar, always privileging the quality and the typicalness that are the added value of an attentive and demanding market. A nuraghe inside the property, located in Lu Crabioni, gives the name to the company and the brand.

The Nuraghe Crabioni estate extends over 35 hectares of Sip (SS), which are also the winery and other infrastructure. Was founded in 2003 by the desire of doing business in the territory. The production of quality wines is the main objective that the company sets through the use of its human and natural resources.

The peculiarity of its lands particularly suited to the cultivation of the vine, combined with the complicity of the climate, are the strengths on which the company has planned investments, supported by the professionalism of its technicians and experienced experts in the industry. The private garden of this millennia dwelling is the vineyards that stand in front of the enchanting gulf of Asinara.

Nuraghe Crabioni produces and sells high quality wines, all of which are guaranteed and controlled: the best of Sardinian lands throughout Italy and the rest of the world.

Drinking Men Better:

they do good business, win the case, are happy and support their friends

Aristophanes (450 BC – 388 BC)