Early every morning Tonino leaves his home at Sorso as usual and heads down towards the sea, which is his natural habitat as much as the land in this corner of Sardinia which overlooks the Gulf of Asinara.

For most, this is “ simply” Sardinia.

For Tonino and the other inhabitants here, this is Romangia, a unique piece of land, suspended between sky and sea, shielded at the back by mountains.

After his ritual greeting to the Sea, Tonino takes the SS200 in direction of Castelsardo till the junction near two large pine trees where he turns right, which takes him through a road immersed in vegetation that is a true raison d’ etre rather than just a workplace.

Welcome to Tonino’ s world!

Welcome to the Cantina Nuraghe Crabioni!

Sun, sea, fertile soil and a mild climate are,according to Tonino, the elements that make the products of his winery unique. One can easily say “Cannonau” or “Vermentino”- many can claim to say this in Sardinia- but to say they are Nuraghe Crabioni is to underline that they have that “something” extra. Tonino talks about the character, typicality, uniqueness of the 35 hectars of land that present the palate with the unparalleled pleasure of a wine without equals thanks to Gianni, world famous oenologist , and to all those who every day contribute to the cultivation of this ” Cantina”.

When he’ s not busy doing the typical chores of a wine cellar, Tonino stands under the portico and his thoughts wander to the time this incredible journey started.

It was a couple of years ago, 2003, when Tonino met with his uncle Augusto, his mother’ s brother, who was searching to buy a vineyard just to make some good wine for family use and to give to friends. There was a vineyard for sale at the foot of three small hills known as Tres Montes whose southwest side practically plunges into the sea.

Augusto had been living in Trieste but knew the area well because as a child he had lived here and knew this area as “the land of good wine”. When Augusto heard from Tonino that, yes, there was a vineyard for sale in the area known as Lu Crabioni and the remains of a Nuraghe nearby, Augusto still profoundly taken by his childhood memories sailed through the buying process in a remarkably short time. Obviously it was fitting that the wine would be called Nuraghe Crabioni.

“Blessed be he, who invented wine which brings joy to my day.”

Cecco Angiolieri (1260-1312 circa)