The Cellar

A unique experience!

The Cellar combines the typical natural, human and natural resources of the millennial production with modern processing, preservation and bottling technology. Tonino is proud of all this and is proud that even from the environmental point of view Nuraghe Crabioni is at the forefront and the energy needs are guaranteed by a last-generation photovoltaic plant.

That environment that Tonino loves deserves to be protected and preserved. Now and in the future.

It may seem strange that a person working on earth loves the same intensity and passion as the sea. Tonino is natural because in this place sea and land touch and complete. One can not do without the other, like two lovers who can not live distant.

And the effects of this love can be seen in the Maritza vineyard, where salami is laid on the grape clusters of Cannonau and envelops them in a more unique and rare hug. When Tonino sees this show of dark grapes covered with salty white patina, he can not resist picking some grapes and put it in his mouth to taste the particular taste.

Tonino often thinks in the Nuraghe Crabioni bottles there is simply wine, but there is the happy union of land and sea.

Walking among rows is a soul experience. Tonino loves to take long walks immersed in the utmost silence of nature, walking for the 35 acres of Extension of the Cellar. He says he feels the plants breathe, the earth moves. Weekends change the colors and the scents of the territory and only an insensitive soul may not appreciate this experience.

All under the beautiful sky of Sardinia.

The Cellar is alive even out of season because nature always does its course, not only when it is to be sold or there are visitors for tastings. And Tonino lives every moment that goes through the involvement of when he started this job.

Tonino often thinks of who could live these lands, two thousand and a few years ago. Whether there are settlements inhabited by these parts, and more generally throughout Sardinia, is witnessed by the presence of nuraghes. These prehistoric constructions, made with overlapping stone blocks and held together without the use of mortars, primarily had military and defensive functions.

As a child playing in the fields, Tonino often traveled back in the centuries with fantasy, and he became aware of the warriors who scanned the sea on the horizon in the Gulf of Asinara to see if some enemies came from which to defend himself. And when Augusto decided to call the Nuraghe Crabioni Cellar, in honor of the nuraghe present in the estate, Tonino was absolutely in agreement. And happy.

Nuraghe Crabioni produces and sells high quality wines, all of which are guaranteed and controlled: the best of Sardinian lands throughout Italy and the rest of the world.

Drinking Men Better:

they do good business, win the case, are happy and support their friends

Aristophanes (450 BC – 388 BC)